Vibha Pankaj

My process starts with memories of growing up at the foothills of the majestic Himalayan Mountains, along with photographs and sketches of walks in the Scottish hills. The wonder of the world’s highest mountains is always in my mind, and Edinburgh’s natural beauty has provided a mesmerizing interplay of water and light, which is integral to my paintings. However, memories cannot be truly shared by words alone and photographs by themselves cannot convey the history of a place. Through layering various media, I translate raw pictures and personal memories into landscapes suffused with an ethereal, transcendent beauty.

My paintings allow viewers to look at a place in Edinburgh that they may have passed a hundred times before and draw back a curtain, enabling them to see another, spiritual world hidden amongst the tangible. Likewise, my paintings may show a Himalayan scene unknown to viewers, but the emotions swirling in the scenes allow viewers to understand the stories within – without ever having been there. In this way, I use colour and texture to create semi-abstract narratives as a constant meditation on the world around us and the unseen, infinite moments that have passed in the paths which we walk daily.