Sheena Christie

After successful careers in Graphic Design and Education, Sheena decided to follow her dream and became a full-time artist last year. She now paints from her studio in Braidwood in the Clyde Valley.
She has long admired the work of the Impressionists, Paul Cézanne and The Group of Seven. Her work reflects their influences and those of the Scottish Colourists who, like her, were inspired by the wonderful light & colours of the unspoilt West Coast and islands of Scotland.
Always fascinated by the effect of our constantly changing weather and sky, her passion lies in the extremes of light & colour in the landscape. The sky often dominates her work, the form and movement of clouds being expressed with bold brushstrokes.
Sheena typically uses acrylics in her work but also likes to introduce subtle mixed media to invite the viewer to ponder the landscape and see it as more than just a picture.