Ronnie Glass

Ronnie started his working life as a draughtsman. As a very keen fly fisherman he found the lack of fishing opportunities difficult and returned home to Kelso. Taking a “temporary” job as a bowyer it was 18 years later when his craft skills led to a change of employment as a model maker and illustrator )in the sign industry.

A famous American fishing tackle company opened a new store in Kelso and Ronnie became their Fishing Manager. This was ideal for Ronnie, as not only was he involved with his favourite hobby, his second favourite hobby of making replica fish became known to a much wider audience.

Ronnie  had previously made a reputation locally as a landscape painter. Ronnie now duplicates the painting of his replica fish on canvas to great success

Ronnie is also a successful competition angler. He has represented his country 18 times and has had the honour of being captain 3 times. He is also the only Scot to be National Champion on both rivers and lochstyle.