This weeks spotlight – Robin Deas “Quirky” cashmere scarf and glove sets

These beautiful scarves and gloves are produced from “Nuance” 100 percent pure cashmere. The yarn was been hand carded and spun using a secret way in phasing shades gently together like a rainbow. This cannot be made by modern mechanical methods. These items are completely unique and will not be repeated.

Each scarf and glove has been knitted locally in the Scottish Borders by a master knitter and finished to a very high standard.

The unique shades are co-ordinated to give a warmth and choice to everyone. There are some small blemishes in the knitting structure, these are not faults, but are indeed the “Quirky” way in which the hand making process has taken place.

These are very limited with only 100 sets produced, with each set being uniquely numbered.

A lovely and totally unique gift for that special person.

“These scarf and glove sets (gloves also available separately) are beautifully made from one of the most sought after materials in the world, highlighting the incredible skills of the Scottish Borders people from the past to the present”.

David H Wallace – Gallery Owner.