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This weeks spotlight – Philip Hearsey

Philip Hearsey is an experienced British sculptor who has exhibited his work throughout the UK. Rather than engaging in specific theories, he is driven by an instinctive urge to progress at his own pace and focus on making things. He turns observations and visualisations into 3-dimensional realities, harnessing his speciality in sandcasting to make sculptures that engage the quality of bronze as a noble material. Philips's pieces showcase smart simplicity, intriguing shapes and a tactile touch.

Beginning his training at the Camberwell School of Arts, Philip spent his first years as an artist exploring architecture, interior and furniture design as avenues for his skills, however it was the world of sculpture that eventually let him put his talents to their best use and Philip’s self-taught style has now become an iconic presence in the most luxurious of interiors. “My sculptures are domestic in scale and intended for the interiors of home, office or hotel” says Philip of his work “Only occasionally do I make pieces intended for outdoor use.” Because of this more interior based approach to his work Philip has been able to create bronze sculptures that have a more intimate feel, using the traditional technique of sandcasting so that each one is unique and extraordinary.

Sandcasting is a rather interesting technique that engages with the natural qualities of the bronze as a material in a number of ways. Beginning by placing the pattern for the sculpture into a box and packing the surrounding area with sand, molten bronze is then poured into the mould, taking the form of the pattern and creating the sculpture. Due to the traditional nature of this method some beautiful irregularities appear on Philip’s sculptures, pinholes in the bronze and deformations which add their unique character to the art piece as a whole.

" Inspired by events of the natural world, Philip puts all of himself into making sculptures which he hopes strike a chord and evoke emotion in those who encounter them"

Iain Loudon - Gallery Owner


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