Our 1st Anniversary

On the 11th November 2017, we celebrated 1 year of The Gallery Melrose being open - and what a year it has been!

A year of discovery and excitement, of growing, learning, building expectations and going with the flow. We know what we like in today’s art scene, but what we had to do, is to learn what you like!

It has been a real eye-opener and an inspiration.

The number of talented and creative people in this region just continues to amaze us and we are so thrilled to be the conduit for their success. We sell paintings, pottery, wood carvings, ceramics, glass and jewellery all handmade by skilled artistic people living within a few miles of this lovely town. We are also representing artists from other parts of the UK, ensuring that we offer a dynamic mix of art that can be the inspiration for our customers who are collectors or for those who just love art and recognise talent.

Being at the centre of a busy market town has been beneficial, as Melrose prides itself on welcoming visitors and offering a great retail choice.

Our customers include serious collectors and those who are inspired to collect. We have welcomed visitors from all over the country and from many other countries, Canada, USA, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand to name just a few. Our central position draws customers, whether they are walkers, cyclists, campers or locals just out for a walk with the dog and we are delighted to say that once they have been into the shop – they often invest in some form of art.

Some of our visitors stay a while, experiencing the immense talent on display, comparing it to work they have seen elsewhere or just commenting on its originality – making our days interesting, diverse and informative. We have learned so much about what our customers want and have worked hard to meet their demand.

In our first year we have grown our collection of art and gifts for sales, expanded the gallery to offer space for exhibits and events and have also, by popular demand, added a bespoke picture framing service which is already being sought after by many of our customers. We are constantly working on presenting an original selection of art, handcrafted items and gifts, that are in-keeping with the constantly changing landscape of customers into the Gallery, and we just wanted to say that this first year has been exceptional and is certainly beyond our expectations.


So to everyone who has crossed our path in this first year, we would like to say thank you.

Thank you for your custom, for you frequent visits, for buying from us, for sharing our news and photos on social media and for becoming part of our valued audience that lends it support to The Gallery Melrose.

In our second year, we plan to introduce our first exhibitions aimed at bringing you exciting new works and, The Big G (as the gallery has affectionately become known) will hold three exhibitions in 2018.

The Big G Exhibition

30 March- 28 April 2018

Theme 'New Beginnings'

The Big G Exhibition

29 June-30 July; 2018

Theme 'Essence of Nature'

The Big G Exhibition

9 Nov-10 Dec 2018

Theme 'Reflections'

We hope you will be able to come along to be inspired by the new works on show. We hope also, to see you at The Borders Arts Fair, being held in Kelso in March 2018, we will most certainly be there and look forward to seeing you then.

We will be keeping you posted from time to time about any new developments and our events schedule, so keep visiting our gallery or link with us on social media for updated news and information. Once again, we offer you our grateful thanks for your valued support and look forward to another year ahead.