The latest news from The Scottish Art Scene

A new and exciting exhibition at Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries, featuring, "INplay" Katharine Wheeler: 7th October - 18 November We featured Katharine in one of our very first magazines and she has since been developing her practice in a very exciting way. Her new exhibition INplay at Gracefield Arts Centre is a fascinating exploration of art through play, focusing on action, operation and activity but in a light hearted way. Art is not always a serious business. As Katharine says, “ INplay… dance between serious contemplation and abandoned enjoyment.” This exhibition of new work runs for six weeks until 18th November. Gracefield Arts Centre runs programmes of historical and contemporary art exhibitions throughout the year. These feature regional, national and international artists and craft makers. It also holds a collection of over 600 artworks by Scottish artists and art relating to the region.