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Dominique Cameron is a very entertaining artist and one who lives and breathes her work saying. “I am an artist that walks and draws. I draw lines on maps and walk those routes observing, describing and fictionalising what I find. It’s an exploration of place. Because of the fixed parameter of the line I must interpret only what’s on that line, in turn trying to find the interest in whatever is there….” Alan, at Fidra Fine Art, told us about Dominique’s very successful walks around Dundee and Montrose and of her return to Leith where she lived for a significant part of her life. Leith is a port, a place where many journeys start and finish. For Dominique it’s where she lived as a student, where she got married and where she had her children. Returning 20 years later, Dominique chronicles her thoughts and observations of her “Leith Walks" through her uniquely lyrical drawing, painting, writing and film. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Dominique's walk…