Borders Book Festival - Telling the Story of Art

Hello once again

Recognising the immense success and powerful draw of The Borders Book Festival we have teamed up with local artist, Linda Kinsman Blake and Borders’ author Iona McGregor to hold a short story writing workshop at their art gallery. The workshop will take place at The Gallery Melrose, 23 Market Square on 8th June, 2017 from 1pm-3pm.

The artwork of Linda Kinsman Blake will offer the inspiration for participating writers, while published author Iona McGregor will offer her story writing expertise to encourage their capability.

The workshop is open to beginners and experienced writers from the age of 16 and upwards and costs £10 and places are limited, although it is hoped that more workshops will be arranged in the future.

This is an ideal opportunity to merge art and books and we are happy to be a part of The Borders Book Festival in this way. We recognise and support the tremendous efforts the organisers have made over the years bringing thousands of visitors to the region.

Anyone interested in taking part in the workshop should contact Linda Kinsman Blake on 01573 460666.

Linda Kinsman-Blake has been creating pottery and tiles in the Scottish Borders since 1979.

All raw materials are processed at the family-run studio in the village of Smailholm. The clays, glazes and colours are mixed to their own recipes. The pots are ‘once fired’ to 1120°C ensuring that they are hardwearing and robust.

Each piece is hand-thrown and the specially adapted tin glaze is applied directly to the dry but unfired surface. This is then decorated, a particularly exacting technique, as once the brush, loaded with colour, touches the unfired surface that unique brush stroke has to be completed. No going back, no rubbing out.

Decorating pots in this way has naturally progressed into

painting both with Watercolour and Oils. My fascination of

fabrics and the clutter of daily living infuse all of my paintings

and each is an atmospheric vignette of life.