Peter Jackson

From early experiences in the school workshop (first prize in woodwork!) and a family background of farmers, wheelwrights and joiners I have always felt that an affinity with trees and working with wood was built into my bones. However,  life’s  twists and turns took me down a career path that had steel and concrete as dominant materials and although I dabbled in woodcarving and furniture making in my spare time it wasn’t until early retirement that I had the opportunity to follow my heart and “get into the woods”. Woodturning presented itself as a relatively quick and easy way to become creative with wood and has now become a large part of my life.

I use mainly British hardwoods sourced locally where I can and often turn from “wet” logs and branches that are “found” or donated. I am happy to push the artistic boundaries of my woodturning  and experiment with techniques including texturing/sculpting and colouring, sometimes to the point where the piece is said to look more like ceramic. I hope to continue branching out until the time comes when I can give something back to the trees that have given so much to me.