Mary McCall

Mary McCall designs and crafts gemstone jewellery, in her hometown of Galashiels, in the heart of the Scottish Borders.

Mary's passion for genuine gemstones lead her into the world of jewellery making.

Believing that when you wear genuine gemstone jewellery, you not only feel beautiful but you also feel a real connection with nature. 'Every single gemstone is a treasure given to us by Mother Nature. Each piece is as rare and as individual as the wearer'.

Influencing Mary's design potential and style are the individuality of each stone. From the gentle uplifting tones to the dark and moody - a magical mix of colours and creations.

Mary has sound knowledge of the physical properties and gemmological attributes of each gemstone. And all gemstones used by Mary are ethnically sourced and are set with 925 Sterling Silver.

Some examples of Mary's work are shown below.