Jill MacLeod

Jill’s work is influenced by landscape, nature and organic materials.  Her interpretation of landscape typically emphasises an object or a particular line which has been sketched, photographed or remembered.  In this way, common perceptions of traditional landscape paintings are distorted and transformed by breaking the features within them into a simple shape or a block of flat or textured colour.  A wave, or a prominent feature may be deconstructed and represented by a single line.  Doing this often leads to a stronger focus on composition to allow clearly defined objects more emphasis in the space they occupy within the painting.  

Her preferred medium is acrylic and this is normally applied to board. Jill is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and a current member of the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) and Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) and has exhibited with them and also with the Royal Academy of Arts (RSA). Born in Fife, the coastal scenery and harbours are a constant inspiration. Jill was the 2016 Bursary winner at Pittenweem Arts Festival and her work can be seen in various art galleries and group exhibitions throughout Scotland. Her work is held in private collections worldwide.