Ian Murdoch

I use earthenware/ terracotta clay. My pots are thrown on an electric shimpo wheel  then slipped ie painted and decorated, then glazed with a clear glaze. Lightness of form,  ease to the eye, colours blending (greens and yellows, blues and white, with occasional red), forms which say “look at me, l’m worth having in your kitchen or living room”- all these ideas and feelings are what I am looking for in my work. In addition it is important that the pots are of use -cups, jugs, bowls, vases and plates, so I am looking for a combination of the aesthetic  and practical in my work.

I have lived in the Borders for over twenty years but I first got involved in pottery while working in an Adventure Playground in Glasgow in the 1980’s for  children with special needs. I have continued to work with children and adults in the community, most recently in Borders schools, and running workshops and classes from my studio.

 I hope my pottery reflects what I teach, that it is fun, colourful and imaginative and useful to mind, body and wherever it has it’s uses.