Clare Blois

 Clare ran her own successful gallery in the Highlands before "retiring" to concentrate on the development of her own work.  She originally studied textiles and painting with the Open College of the Arts and has won several accolades including the prestigious JD Fergusson Arts Award, presented in memory of the Scottish Colourist painter. She has been an invited artist at the Discerning Eye Exhibition in London, and exhibits widely in Scotland and beyond. 

"I am primarily a landscape painter and in the tradition of many Scottish artists I am inspired by the physical qualities of oil paint and the possibilities it provides in terms of colour, movement and texture. I like to get out into the Scottish landscape and I work en plein air as much as I can,  coming home with plentiful small oil or watercolour sketches which are starting points for larger works in the studio."

 "My finished works are not only about the locations that inspired them but about what I felt when I was there on that day. The painting also needs to stand apart from any source or connotations as a satisfying visual combination of canvas, composition and paint. Recent work leans towards the abstract.

My simple and sincere objective is for honesty in my work in making paintings that convey the exhilaration I feel as I explore the Scottish land, sea, wind, rain and sun. I am thrilled if others can feel it too."


Clare lives near Beauly