Doreen Ingebrigtsen

Of Scottish descent, Doreen has a colourful history of travel and living in many countries around  the world. She discovered the magic of colour while living in the Mediterranean and has over the years become more and more passionate about the creation of art and its process.  From her travels and taking of many photographs,  she delights in seeing them through to their final destination as a piece of art in her studio!  Doreen paints a variety of subject matters, her Motorsport art has been one of her most important to date, but also enjoys abstract , and other representational work. 

A recent exhibition in Scotland had her painting highland cows and Scottish Thistles!   Her cars on the other hand, are mostly painted for race car drivers, and amongst others are commissioned regularly by car owners in the US Porsche and Ferrari clubs.  In the UK, she was commissioned by Adrian Reynard, famous in Scotland for his contribution to Formula one racing and car designs. His response was very enthusiastic to the finished result of the painting of  his 1974 race car (which he was restoring at the time), and was delighted with the action she was able to capture in the piece.  Ingebrigtsen's education in art has found her attending numerous workshops both online and  around the United States and she continues to work towards enhancing her abilities and learning more about her craft.