Denise Playfair

I have painted animal subjects on a commission basis for over 30 years, previously exhibiting at Championship Dog Shows and Agricultural Shows .  I have no formal artistic training, training instead as an Architectural Technician and then qualifying as a surveyor.
In 2009 I left behind my professional employment as a surveyor and bought The Vennel Gallery picture framers.  Later in 2009 I sold my first paintings to Sally Mitchell Fine Arts for publishing.  The idea was to do more art work of my own but the framing business was so busy that this was not fully possible.
To try and promote my own painting and that of others in the area, I set up the Borders Art Fair which has been highly successful.  In 2015 I sold the gallery/framing business to free up more time.  However, I have still been re-employed back to do the framing and as such I have still not had the time to concentrate on  my art. 
I am now looking to develop connections with my art work so that I can fully commit to it.  I have recently been working on a range of oil paintings on panels which go beyond tradition animal portraiture.  These designs, I feel, lend themselves to printing not only as prints/canvases but also potentially as cards, mugs, cushions and kitchenware.
Personally, my husband and I have a small farm on which we breed and show Shetland Sheep.  I also breed and show Standard Dachshunds, previously competing at a high level with my horses.  We have two sons, the youngest of which is still at home.