Deborah Fallas

Originally from Aberdeen I have now lived in the Scottish Borders for over 30 years after coming here to study. After graduating I worked in the clothing industry and then started to work for myself in the late nineties.  In the past few years, looking for an additional outlet for my creative ideas, I have returned to something I have always loved doing – painting. I paint in acrylics as I love the bright colours I can achieve with them and their versatility. I also only paint what I myself would like to have on my wall at home. If I wouldn’t be happy looking at it every day, I won’t paint it.

I love to paint flowers. It reflects my love of colour and nature. I particularly love big full blooms as I feel they are a celebration of colour and life. I feel happy creating my work and I wold love to think they make other people happy too. I like my work to be bright and joyful with strong colour combinations. Energetic and impactful with loose, bold brushstrokes