David Mackenzie

I am an Edinburgh born self taught artist specializing in wildlife & landscapes.  I have been in exhibitions in many parts of Scotland over the years & started painting full time once we moved to Perthshire from the Isle of Skye, where we lived for 10 years.

In 2019 I had 2 solo exhibitions as well as taking part in a local charity fundraising event for the Scottish Charity Air Ambulance.  This is an annual event where I donate a painting to raise funds for the SCAA charity.

My paintings can take me anywhere from 3 weeks to 3½ months to complete.

My early years were spent in North America where my parents travelled extensively. My deep love and empathy for wildlife was nurtured during this time where it was common place for me to be seen with our tame wolf along with a wide variety of animals.  We even experienced the odd brown bear which came knocking on the door of our cabin.

At school my favourite lesson was always art where I would lose myself in my imagination.

When I left school I got the opportunity to work at Edinburgh Zoo.  First as a trainee keeper, then I progressed to deputy head keeper working with the big cats & polar bears.  Over the years I took the penguins for their daily walks & wrestled escaped Jaguars...amongst other amazing things.

Having worked with a wide range of animals, both mammals and birds, I find it helps with my painting knowing how the fur lies, how the feathers overlap, how the sparkle reflects in the cat’s eyes and, in particular, how the muscles strain in an animal before it pounces.

In my art I try to imagine the story behind the scene to create an emotion & give a connection for the viewer.