Tim Millard

Quality and high standards come from having served a full (3-year) apprenticeship at Goddard & Gibbs Studios in London, and being taught by traditional craftsmen with years of experience.  Goddard & Gibbs undertook work for the Corporation of London and had a large export market to the Middle East.  I was involved in the manufacture and fitting of windows for the Tower of London, Greenwich Naval College and Christchurch College, Oxford (the Becket window featured on the Home page).  Others included the Houses of Parliament, Trinity House, Mansion House and Bow Church in the City, as well as numerous smaller projects in London and the South-East of England.  Large glass domes were also made for entrance halls and to cover swimming pools in Arab palaces.

I chose an apprenticeship, rather than enrolling on a design course at college, in order to gain hands-on experience, not just in all aspects of making windows, but also fitting, which meant learning about stonework, metalwork and woodwork.  Over the years the majority of my work has been on private houses, Listed buildings (all grades), churches, manor houses, breweries and schools.