Michael McManus

I have been working full time for the last twenty years mainly with wood .
Although I enjoy fusing different materials it is sculpture in wood where my talent is - I have enjoyed carving works of art for the home , garden and Sculpture parks .

I have over twenty years of experience creating commissions and one off pieces for clients all over Britain and beyond using this unique and amazing medium.Throughout that time I have also exhibited my work on an annual basis at selected Art and design fairs in all four nations of the UK as well as leading galleries throughout Scotland.

Periodically I have taught carving and sculpture to individuals and groups, either at my own studio/workshop or at the Poldrate Art Centre in Haddington. I enjoy the opportunity to teach people almost as much as I enjoy the experience of actually carving and sculpting myself.

It is intensely gratifying to pass on the many and various skills and techniques I have acquired and developed over my years as a sculpture to novices, as their ability and confidence unfolds in front of you over the weeks and months. I find it particularly rewarding working with disadvantaged and/or excluded young people. To see them blossom as they become creative and productive, while unearthing hidden skills and talents, is very rewarding.