Bob Davenport

I move between different styles, mediums and techniques, large abstracts with paint thrown, splashed and applied with a plasterer's trowel to smaller illustrative portraits and landscapes, requiring delicacy and control. 

Making a mark, whether thrown from a bucket ten feet away or a gentle touch of chalk pastel, a mark that says something of the world I am experiencing. 

I like violent contrasts, snow, sunrise, storm - this makes Scotland such a special place.

The other side of my work, the chalk pastel drawings about a desire for description, accuracy and control. To draw a face and draw out personality and is a very different challenge and I intend to continue with both

A graduate of Sheffield Art College, I have been exhibiting for over 30 years in England, Scotland and the US. Currently based in the Scottish Borders, I walk the Border hills, woods and down by the Tweed – this is the landscape that inspires my work. The people, cattle and architecture are rendered in soft pastel drawings and acrylic paintings. Sometimes the art verges on abstraction, but the Borders is always at the heart