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The Gallery Melrose - Online

After seven vibrant years in Market Square, Melrose, The Gallery Melrose is embracing a new chapter by moving online. The decision to transition was a personal one, marking the perfect moment for change.
The virtual gallery, now accessible globally, offers a curated collection of Prints, Bronze, and Vinyl LPs, which is another passion of mine.
Despite the shift, the essence of The Gallery Melrose's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and unique pieces remains intact. Excitingly, original artworks will soon join the digital showcase, promising an expanding array of treasures for art enthusiasts.
The Gallery Melrose's digital venture signifies not just a move but a personal leap into the future of art commerce.

Items for Sale


Prints - Coming Soon

The Gallery Melrose is a leading provider of Giclée Prints that are unmatched in quality. We offer a wide variety of prints, from classic pieces to contemporary works of art, and we are always expanding our collection to bring you new and inspiring prints. We are confident that you will find our Giclée Prints to be of the highest quality.

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Richard Cooper Bronze - Coming Soon

The artists at Richard Cooper & Co possess exceptional talent in replicating the elegance, motion, and distinctive characteristics of every animal or countryside scene, resulting in sculptures that resemble a frozen moment in time, flawlessly capturing its essence.


Vinyl LPs

Our expansive collection of vinyl LPs includes both rare finds and many genres. Our online presence makes it easy to shop from the comfort of your own home, with secure shipping ensuring you’ll receive your vinyl in pristine condition.

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"Inspiration comes of working every day."

Charles Baudelaire

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